College Students Voting

College students may register and vote in the county where they are attending college (in most situations, the college student could also opt to register or remain registered at the address where they lived previous to moving away for college, and could choose to vote absentee). If a student registers at his or her school address, that registration cancels any previous registration in another county.

Address Issues

Your legal voting residence is your place of permanent domicile.

That place shall be considered the residence of a person in which that person's habitation is fixed, and to which, whenever that person is absent, that person has the intention of returning.

Citizens who are homeless may register and vote.

In the event that a person's residence is not a traditional residence associated with real property, then the location of the usual sleeping area for that person shall be controlling as to the residency of that person. Residence shall be broadly construed to provide all persons with the opportunity to register and to vote, including stating a mailing address different from residence address. Voter registration forms provide a space for an applicant to visually map where they usually sleep.

You may continue to vote in your usual North Carolina county if you only temporarily relocate with the intention of returning.

You may not vote in a county if you are only living in that county on a temporary basis.without the intention of making that county, municipality, precinct, ward, or other election district a permanent place of abode.

When you move to a new county or state, you are no longer eligible to vote in your previous county.

If you move away and establish a new residence for an indefinite period, you are no longer eligible to vote in your previous county, even if you believe that you may eventually return to your previous residence.

If you move away, register and vote in another county or state, you will no longer be eligible to vote in your previous county.